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Mouthgaurd from Enhance Family Dental.A sports mouthguard is a protective device worn over the teeth to minimize the impact of blows on your face and head. At Enhance Family Dental, we offer custom-made sports mouthguards which offer maximum comfort, durability, and buffer during a collision and limited-contact sports.

Why You Should Wear Mouth Guards While Playing Sports

Mouthguards are essential for people participating in sports which may involve contact, collision or thrown objects. The American Dental Association recognizes that dental and maxillofacial injuries are common risks during sporting activities and has been encouraging patient education about the benefits of using sports mouthguards since the mid-1990s.

Contact and limited-contact sports both have inherent injury risks.

Contact or collision sports include:
•  Martial arts
•  Wrestling
•  Boxing
•  Rugby
•  Basketball
•  Football
•  Water polo
•  Lacrosse
•  Hockey

Limited contact sports include:
•  Acrobatics
•  Gymnastics
•  Bicycling
•  Roller skating
•  Skiing
•  Skateboarding
•  Surfing
•  Ice Skating
•  Weightlifting
•  Extreme sports and more

Standards for Sports Mouthguards

According to the ADA, a mouthguard is only effective when it has certain properties.

Good Fit

The mouthguard should fit your mouth comfortably and accurately. Unsurprisingly, low-cost, over-the-counter mouthguards don’t even come close to meeting this criterion. Many one-size-fits-all mouthguards make it difficult for players to breathe or speak properly. Such mouthguards not only affect the performance adversely but also fail to provide sufficient protection because of the ill-fit.

Resilient Material

A sports mouthguard needs to be made of resilient material approved by the FDA. It should cover all the teeth on one arch and extend to the surrounding tissue. It should also be flexible and resilient to provide maximum comfort to you, as well as, effectively distribute the force of the blow over a large area.

Adequate Thickness

The Academy of Sports Dentistry stated in its 2010 guidelines that a mouthguard should at least be 3 mm thick. Contact-heavy sports require thicker mouthguards, about 4mm or thicker.

High Buffer

Your sports mouthguard should reduce the force of the blow by dispersing it over a large area. It should also have high-impact energy absorption to withstand heavy hits to the face.

Types of Sports Mouthguards

Stock/Ready-Made Mouthguard

The least expensive types of mouthguards, the stock mouthguards are easily available at department stores, pharmacies, and sports shops. These are available in very few sizes and typically do not fit the mouth well. They can be quite bulky and are of only limited effectiveness.

Mouth-formed/Boil-and-Bite/Self-Adapting Mouthguard

The “boil-and-bite” mouthguard is first boiled in water, then cooled and placed in the mouth. You can apply pressure to the plastic by biting down on it and molding it to fit your teeth. These types of sports mouthguard offer a better fit than the stock variety.

Custom-made Mouthguard

Custom-made mouthguards are the best choice for athletes. These mouthguards are fabricated at Enhance Family Dental by Brian Hill, DDS and not surprisingly, they offer the best fit and protection.

We will take an impression of your teeth to create a personalized mouthguard. Most athletes prefer these mouthguards simply because they fit and feel much better than most other options.

A sports mouthguard should be replaced after a few months because they can lose their shape and effectiveness over time. For children and adolescent, replacement is especially important as their teeth are still growing. Many athletes usually get a new mouthguard made when they visit Enhance Family Dental for their biannual dental examination.

If you want to get a customized sports mouthguard that fits comfortably, call us at (586) 666-4950 to set up an appointment today.

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At Enhance Family Dental, we offer custom-made sports mouthguards which offer maximum comfort, and buffer during a collision and limited-contact sports.
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